Goodbye Smoke, Hello Electricity!

Terraoak “Genesys” is a patented smokeless cookstove that is able to convert heat energy into electricity and output it through a USB outlet.

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The Terraoak System

Your Stove Is Now Your Charger

The Terraoak Genesys uses a powerful air injection system to control the smoke that is being produced to form a convection process which allows the heat to power your USB device.

Plug & Play

Simply just plug in your USB device to the dedicated outlet after about 7 min of heating and you will see your device begin charging.

Let’s Get Cookin… Good Lookin

The Terraoak Genesys stove system is built with a multipurpose frame so that you are not stuck with only having one cooktop you can use all the normal cookware you would use in the kitchen.

Durable And Long Lasting

We built Terraoak Genesys with an anodized Aluminum chamber in order to withstand corrosion over time. It will last a very very long time — more than 15 camping trips per year.

Sustainable Cooking For A Better Future

When you become a member of a the Terraoak family you’re becoming a part of something bigger than just an amazing cookstove, you’re supporting the 4.3 million lost loved ones that die from indoor pollution every year. Terraoak is leading the movement for sustainable cooking in these developing countries and now YOU can be a part of that too.



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