We Care for our Work!

What we do

We provide innovative solutions to the problems that surround us in the societies we find ourselves in. In as much as we’d love to pass the mantle of solution provision onto the next person around us, at Terraoak there is no end until we have a definitive solution.

How it started

Coming together to form a well rounded team is very elusive to many groups, as they never reach the level of a team. As a team, our primary goal and responsibility is to create long-lasting solutions for our customers. Starting out as a socially responsible company, every idea forged has been through that vein.


We engineer a cleaner future!

Terraoak provides innovative, clean-tech solutions in the renewable energy sector. Our flagship product is a patent pending smokeless cookstove that is able to convert heat energy to electricity.

MEET OUR TEAM...they are always up to something good!

Maxwell Chinnah
Maxwell Chinnah
CEO / Co-Founder
Godwin Attigah
Godwin Attigah
CTO / Co-Founder